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Gear and Product Recommendations


Ok, this is one of the silliest pieces of gear I've used, but it works! I use a hammock system to sleep in when backpacking (Vs a tent). The system requires me to carry a top quilt and underquilt, which keep me pretty warm. I added this piece of gear when temps dip below 35 degrees and it keeps me plently warm! Also, part of the "problem" when using a quilt is that it shifts around if you toss and turn at night. This can be easily solved by using the sleeping pad attachments when sleeping in a tent, but in a hammock that isn't possible. One of the other problems with a quilt is that you have to wear a cap and that can sometimes be uncomfortable on your ears or pressing around your head. I have been on the lookout for something that I could crawl into and cover, but still, be made of a lighter material that doesn't make me feel like I am suffocating 

So if you see a starfish-like object walking around the campsite, don't worry, it's just me!

-Tony P.

Tea bag

For those of you that enjoy a cup of coffee in the am, this may be a game-changer for you. I grind my own beans every day and bring fresh coffee grounds with me on the trail. The problem is dealing with the cleanup and having to pack out the coffee grounds. Solution-empty tea bags. All you have to do is throw the bag in your garbage when you are done! Bonus is I don't have to carry a press anymore!

-Tony P.


If you are looking for a way to store your medications, try small ziplock style bags. 

-Tony P.


We use Paria Outdoor products 15 degree sleeping bags for our rental packages. These sleeping bags are economical, extremely warm, and pack down well! The link that is displayed here is for the 0 degree sleeping bag. We recommend that you purchase a sleeping bag at least 20 degrees lower than the coldest temperature you plan on using it in.

-Tony P.


We have recently added these trekking poles to our rental cache. If you are looking for a trekking pole that packs down extremely small these are the ones for you!

-Tony P.


If you need some heavy duty tent stakes for your tent, or a tarp, you wont be disappointed with these! These tent stakes work well for permanent shelters, hunting blinds, or larger, family style tents and can withstand high winds and inclimate weather. I would not recommend these for backpacking, but for basecamp and car camping they work great.

-Tony P.


I carry a 26,800 maH powerbank on my backpacking trips. This one, weighs almost 8 oz less than my older one (Anker brand) and costs half the price. This can charge your devices and will last for approximately 6-7 days with moderate use. 

-Tony P.

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