Beginners Backpacking Bootcamp

Our Beginner's backpacking bootcamps  are designed for all levels of backpackers. We have found that everyone from inexperienced or new backpackers to those that have spent numerous nights in the backcountry gain valuable information from this type of event. This trip is also good for people that  want to brush up on their backpacking skills, learn about new equipment or test out new equipment in the safety of a group. Our bootcamp combines hiking and camping in beautiful backcountry settings. Our primary goal is to help guests become confident, self sufficient and familiar with their gear, while gaining the skills required to be safe and comfortable while backpacking. 


This event typically takes place over the course of 2.5 days and starts on Friday with a 2-3 hour lecture covering gear selection, food prep and storage, first aid and hygiene as well as a gear shakedown. Dinner is provided Friday night at the Group camp. Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon we will hike approximately 10-14 miles, stopping to camp Saturday night at a backcountry site.

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