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Camping Tent Rental

Camping Equipment Rentals: We’ve Got What You Need 

When most people think of outdoor adventures with guided hikes or planning a camping trip, what they are thinking or looking at is drive-up camping. This is the type of camping in which you take your car or your RV, drive to a campground, pull into a numbered site, and then set-up your rig or tents. It's a good way to cut your teeth into camping but it isn't really our preferred way of camping and hiking. What we love is when you park, put the gear on your back, and head out on the trail to find your own camping spot far and away from others which is what you can experience with our guided hikes.

This is why we offer all kinds of camping equipment rentals, such as camping tent rentals and backpacking equipment and more. We want to be sure you are fully prepared for your adventure, whatever that may be.

Going on outdoor adventures and guided hikes out on the trail is something unique and beautiful. This type of camping enables you to really, really get out in nature and take in the beauty of the natural environment around you. This type of primitive camping gets you away from the noise of other campers, it gets you away from the ugly campground lights, and instead, it gives one the lights of the stars and the sounds of the wilderness. Once you sleep beneath the stars, with the woods and the wilds around you, you really won't see traditional camping the same ever again.

So if you are looking for camping tent rental, or any other kind of camping equipment rentals; we will make sure you get everything you need and more!

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