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First Aid Training 

Wilderness First Aid Training and More!

If you've just been doing short day hikes and fishing trips, then you may have never thought of the need for wilderness first aid courses when doing guided outdoor adventures. After all, you have a smartphone that can call for help if you really need it right? Well, maybe, maybe not. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why you stand to benefit from wilderness first aid courses starting with the most obvious one...

Why Take Wilderness First Aid training?

  • Learn how to quickly respond in an emergency. This is the most obvious reason to take any first aid training course, as you really never can anticipate an emergency while endeavoring midwest outdoor adventures. Maybe you trip and fall and in doing so drop your phone in a puddle or dash it on a rock. Maybe your friend has an allergic reaction while you're out of cell phone service, or you're in a place that isn't accessible easily by roads and ranger. Learning wilderness first aid will help you quickly assess a situation and provide critical aid.

  • Learn more skills and enjoy self-sufficiency. Improving one's skills and learning to be more self-sufficient are both great things. Wilderness first aid training offers something that will help you learn how to be more self-sufficient on your camping trips and will improve your overall backpacking skills during guided outdoor adventures.

  • Boost your confidence. Better confidence in yourself and your ability to take on hiking trips and overnight backpacking events will naturally grow the more you hone key skills like wilderness first aid.

At True North Expeditions, we offer an array of outdoor courses including wilderness first aid training taught by experts in the industry. Contact our team today to learn more about the safety and importance during our guided outdoor adventures.

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