Guided Backpacking Events

Why Choose Backpacking Trips in the Midwest

The primary reason why our team at True North Expeditions got into outfitting was that we wanted to share our love of the outdoors with others. So many people came to us, interested in doing backpacking trips in the Midwest but unsure of how to get started, what to buy, or even if such trips were something they liked. We understand all of those concerns and more -- which is why we put together guided backpacking events.

Guided backpacking events are the ideal choice for those who are curious about hiking and camping but aren't quite ready to invest in their own gear or have the time to invest in significant research in order to buy the right gear and make the necessary arrangements. This is because, with guided backpacking events, we do all of that for you. Our team at True North Expeditions gets the necessary permits, we help choose the right hike for your skill levels, and can even set-up the necessary camping and cooking gear for those who don't want to carry it with them. We make backpacking as easy as possible to help you and your adventure partners fall in love with the activity itself.

That said, backpacking trips in the Midwest aren't for everyone. How do you know that you and your travel group will have fun? Most importantly, one ought to have an appreciation of the outdoors and a willingness to take on physical challenges. A person doesn't have to be in premier shape, but they must be willing to be on their feet, walking for several straight hours. But so long as you and your partners have the gumption, we have everything else to get you started with guided backpacking events.