Rental fee is $7 per day or $45 for 7 days. 


  • Certified Bear Resistant
  • Material:  Spectra
  • Weight:  7.6 oz
  • Capacity:  about 10.65 Liters  (approx. 5 days of food for 1 person)
  • Flexible
  • Cord:  6 foot–high tensile strength
  • Comes with one OPSak odor proof bag. (Do not return)


The Ursack Major is made of “bullet proof” Spectra fabric and is designed to prevent bears from getting your food in their territory. It comes with an integrated six foot, 2,500 pound tensile strength cord. The Major weighs 7.6 ounces. It is about 24 inches in circumference (<8″ dia.), 14 inches tall and holds about 650 cubic inches (10.65 Liters). If packed only with freeze dried food, it will hold 37 single servings of breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Rental is available for pick up only in either Prairie du Sac, WI or West Dundee, IL. Delivery is available at the following rate: 1-15 miles $25.00, and 15-30 miles-$50.00 (roundtrip).


A $75 deposit will charged when picking up the equipment. Upon returning the equipment, and after inspection, the deposit will be credited back to you assuming there is no damage. Please allow up to 5 days for us to inspect and process this.


  • A $75 deposit will be charged upon pick up of this item.