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Refunds/Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policies vary from event to event. This is based on the location and activities that are included in each event. Some of the factors that determine how we establish a cancellation policy for each event:

  • ​Some events require us to subcontract other guide companies or means of travel for the event, i.e. standup paddleboard tours, Via Ferrata, or additional transportation within a National Park/boat transportation (Isle Royale).

  • For some events, we reserve Air BnBs or hotels for lodging.

  • Most of our events require us to apply for a nonrefundable permit.

  • Our guides/yoga instructors have set time aside to work the event and are compensated accordingly for each client that registers for the event they are scheduled to work.



You can view the cancellation policy for a specific event at the bottom of the event description.

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