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Running Programs

From Running Programs to Backpacking Equipment Rentals and More

While the vaccinations are being rolled out and soon we will see a more normal life, we shouldn't expect safety concerns and protocols to change anytime soon. This means that things like social distancing and masks will continue to be recommended and that when it comes to being social, things like running programs and various outdoor adventures are going to be the best choice. And when you are considering which custom outdoor adventures to take part in, we hope you consider the beauty of True North Expeditions.

Gathering your friends for guided running programs is a fantastic way to be social and be safe in this COVID-19 world. Our running programs and other outdoor adventures enable you to have your own six-foot space in which you can enjoy others' company while still remaining safe from each other. Being outside also means that you are enjoying two things that will keep your own immune system in tip-top shape: Sunshine and exercise.

Not sure what to bring? Why, our team right here at True North Expeditions is excited to offer you an array of backpacking equipment rentals. Whether you want a day trip in a local spot or eager for a longer overnight backpacking and camping adventure, we have all the related gear you need. Contact our team today to learn more and to get a personalized quote for your next group adventure.

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