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Snowshoes and Sunshine

Good afternoon True Northerners and happy Tuesday! We are well into February and we finally have some snow. It took a while but it is finally here! That means that it’s time to dust off the snowshoes and get back on the trail.

A good friend and I are in the process of section hiking the Ice Age Trail. The Ice Age Trail (IAT), is a 2200 mile National Scenic Trail that follows the edge of the last continental glacier in Wisconsin. It's an amazing feeling getting back on trail. It was our big reward after recently completing a really long stretch of road miles. So off to the IAT, snowshoes in hand we went. The Chaffee and Wedde creek sections are an excellent place to snowshoe. Over creeks, thru culverts, and beautiful pine forests, these sections of trail have a beauty of their own.

If you find yourself with your snowshoes in Waushara County, get out there! Enjoy the winter and this fluffy white goodness before it’s gone!


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