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Spring Awakenings

As sunnier days approach, I find myself dreaming about the day when I get to do yoga, hike, and go on adventures with my tribe at True North. I find yoga indoors or in a studio gives me an introspective view of my being, whereas outdoor yoga tends to give me a more outwards and expansive view. I think both are essential for the soul.

Doing yoga outdoors helps me feel more grounded because I’m physically connected to the earth. The focus tends to be more expansive because the sounds of the forest, the leaves, the wind, the air, the animals, the water, the insects are so vivid and colorful. My body becomes one with the elements, bringing a sense of connection to the earth. It makes me feel truly alive and awake! My mind seems clear and fresh from all the sweet oxygen and breathing is so natural. It’s a natural high!

I dream of the day where we can all meet up and practice outside again, where the light can shine in us and around us in the beauty of the natural world. All of this has me thinking: what do you love about being outside?

- Melissa

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