Trip Descriptions

We offer various types of yoga events including day hike/yoga and drop in sessions. Stay tuned for more details. Yoga can also be added to any of our backpacking events if requested.


We plan on offering kayak and canoe expeditions local to Midwest waterways. Rentals will also be available along certain parts of the Fox  River in Illinois as well as the Wisconsin River.


Throughout the year we will have over overnight camping options at some of the best locations in the Midwest. Guided day hikes will be available, as will rental gear if needed. Be sure to keep an eye on these events as some of them will offer meals prepared from local farmers, our "Farm to Camp" events are sure to be a hit with foodies and outdoor lovers!


Backpacking is the ultimate way to experience nature, carrying all your essential gear on your back, viewing nature up close and personal. We offer various backpacking trips varying in length from 2 to 5 days. Locations vary depending on time of year. We take the guess work out of trying to select the best time to visit particular trails avoiding poor trail conditions, bugs and unfavorable weather conditions.


One of our flagship courses we are proud to deliver to you is our Backpacking Bootcamp which is designed to help members become self sufficient and familiar with their gear and gain the skills required to be safe while hiking.


If you see a particular section of trail you are interested in and our dates do not work with your schedule, feel free to contact us and we may be able to arrange a special outing just for you!

Social Events

Our social events are designed to get people with common interests together. 

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