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Yoga Specific Events

During the course of the year, we offer events that are designed specifically with yoga in mind. 

Almost all of our yoga classes take place outdoors. It is our priority to provide a unique but safe setting while outdoors. 

Yoga on Request

During events such as our bootcamps and our week-long trips, yoga is offered upon request. At a minimum, we offer stretching before and after each day's hike or paddle.

Conditioning Classes

Getting ready to attend one of our events and looking to center your mind and body in preparation? Our yoga instructors can provide instruction via yoga classes that you can access at your convenience online.

Online or Private Classes

If you are interested in attending an online yoga class or booking a private session with one of our yoga instructors, scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.

Peace and Flow Meditative and Restorative Hike

This experience is meant to guide you through the process of slowing yourself down, while aligning your mind, body and spirit with nature. To adopt the peace of our natural surroundings and use it to push pause, relax and renew oneself.


These events will take place in some of the most beautiful places the midwest has to offer.  They will begin with gentle to moderate mindful hikes to start the process of pushing pause internally and externally.  Finding space in your surroundings and to settle there. There will be a time as a collective group we will pause and gather to take moments to bask in the beauty around us. Here we will quietly begin our journey through a guided meditation, helping us restore ourselves to our true self.


After the hiking portion of the event is finished, we will take space to begin our restorative yoga class designed to gently flow and move with the energy of the group.  Stretching, moving and allowing your body and mind to let  go of tensions you may be carrying. 

Please join us with an open mind and open heart.  All skill levels are welcome to participate in this event.

Force of Nature

This event was created to give you a little extra challenge in an outdoor setting.  To push our body and mind while enjoying the natural settings of the outdoors.  


We will start our adventure with a moderate to powerful hike.  Allowing ourselves to find the strength from within to continue our journey on the trail and off.  We will come together as a group to harness our energy and breathe together creating space to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.  These hikes may vary in length and difficulty depending on the event location.


After finishing the challenge of our hike we will come together once more to look within to find the strength and energy to push ourselves thru a True North Flow class.  This class was created by the True North founders to not only strengthen your muscles but also to stretch and lengthen the parts of the body where tension is created from hiking.  We will focus not only on releasing those tensions from our bodies but also letting go of tensions in the mind.