Advanced Backpacking Bootcamps

Do you want to expand your skills and gain confidence on trail? This course is designed for new backpackers, backpackers that have not been out on trail recently, and those that want to enhance their skills and apply the knowledge they already posses. Our advanced bootcamps combines hiking and camping in a back country setting. Our primary goal is to help reinforce the knowledge base that backpackers already have so that they can safely plan and execute a multi day hike. We share information such as staging vehicles, deciding how to select a route, campsite selection, advanced water filtration techniques, planning appropriate daily mileage, basic first aid, fire starting techniques, tying knots, as well as GPS, compass and map reading.

Manistee River Trail, 
Manistee County, Michigan

Established in 1938 the Manistee National Forest is located in northwest region of lower Michigan. Formerly a logging area, the Manistee forest is covered in deep, thick forests edged with sand bluffs that overlook the river on the east side. Some of the most beautiful campsites you'll see in the Midwest can be found here. 2 trails skirt the Manistee River, the MRT and part of the NCT.