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Equipment Rental

Kayak Rental

Kayak rental now available on the Fox River in Illinois.

Location and duration of rental can be tailored to meet

your individual needs. All of our current kayaks are

one-person sit-in kayaks and come with all the necessary

equipment, including a life jacket, paddle,

and 10-liter dry bag.


We provide basic instruction on shore prior to putting the boats in the water. Although the current on the Fox River is moderate, we will be sure to launch you in an area with as calm water as possible. Guides reserve the right to cancel trips based on current water conditions and levels.


All of our kayaks are wide and stable suitable for all kayaking levels.  If you prefer to have a guide on the water while you paddle we can provide that for an additional cost of $30 per hour for groups of up to 4. 


Looking to take a kayak out to an area other than the Fox River? Our kayaks can be rented in lengths from overnight to weeks at a time. We will even throw in kayak carriers! Contact us for more information.


Kayak rentals require a $200 deposit on the Fox River and a $200 deposit per boat when picked up and used on your own. 


Backpacking/Camping Equipment Rental

If you are new to backpacking or have been out

of the game for a while and don't want to invest a ton of

money in gear, we got you covered. You can rent gear 

for the weekend, multi-day, or week-long trips. Gear rental

is available at all of our events as well. We carry top of line

brands such as Jetboil, Dreamhammock, Ursack, Paria,

Black Diamond, Toaks, River Country Product tents, and Osprey packs. 

We also have 4, 6, and 12 person tents, stoves, coolers, cots, sleeping pads & bags, etc available for your large group or family trips.


Rental Gear Inquiry

If you are interested in renting equipment, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.



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