Backpacking Trips

Backpacking is the ultimate way to experience nature, carrying all your essential gear on your back, viewing nature up close and personal. Having hiked and backpacked throughout the Midwest, we have selected a few of our favorite spots to share with you.  Our guided trips  are typically 2-5 days in length, anywhere from 5-8 hours of hiking a day.  Our  custom planned trips allow us to  modify mileage and the number of hours hiked everyday based on our clients' needs. We offer something for all levels of backpackers.


We classify our trips in the following categories:

  • Beginners Backpacking Bootcamp

  • Advance Backpackers Bootcamp

  • 2-5 Day Backpacking Trips.

We can also tailor custom trips offering Supported and Fully Supported options for those that want to experience backpacking but are not able to carry all their supplies. Click here to inquire about this service.

Supported. During this type of trip, you will start out in the morning with your day pack of essential items and first aid kit, then at the end of the day you will arrive at a camp site where your full complement of gear, food and clothing will be waiting.

Fully Supported. During this type of trip all logistics will be handled for you-meal preparation, tent and sleeping system set up-we can even provide gear if needed. 

Although we can't control mother nature, we take as much of the guess work out of trying to select the best time to visit particular trails, avoiding poor trail conditions, bugs and unfavorable conditions. Although most of our backpacking trips take place in the Midwest, we will also offer guided trips and transportation (shuttling) to the Appalachian Trail during our annual AT trips.