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Canoe & Kayak

Paddling is the ultimate way to experience nature through our waterways.  Being on the water gives you a unique vantage point of the surrounding scenery, natural habitats, and the beauty of the water itself.  The Midwest is abundant with pristine lakes, gently flowing streams, and iconic riverways.
Our paddling trips will allow you to explore all of these!  Whether you choose a single day or multi-day paddle, your trip awaits you.

Our customized service allows us to modify each paddle based on the group's level of experience.

We classify our trips in the following categories:


  • Day Paddles

  • 2-5 day pack/paddle camping trips

We can’t control Mother Nature or water levels.  We do take the time and the care to select the best time to visit these waterways to ensure you have the best and safest trip possible.

Come get your feet wet and enjoy the beautiful water with us.

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